Trans(cending) Recovery: Discussions with Trans and Non-Binary Folks.

Alicia Pinelli (They/them/theirs)

Oct 5, 2:45pm-3:30pm (EST)

Target Audience:

This presentation is meant for the general public interested in learning more about the topic, mental health practitioners, and service provider.


Despite the fact that eating disorders can be experienced by any intersection of identities, non-binary and transgender folks continue to have a lack of representation within the conversations around eating disorders. Focusing on the narratives of transgender and non-binary folks, who identify as experiencing a form of eating disorder, this presentation seeks to trans(cend) the current understandings of recovery through impacts of gender identity through the use of social and historical context, recollections of current individual experiences, and encouragement of reflexivity.

Based on qualitative data gathered through narrative interviewing, findings regarding the impacts of gender identity on eating disorder recovery and treatment is shared with a focus around lived experience as a primary and integral sources of knowledge.

Reflecting on participants’ experiences and individual insights into how they feel the recovery process is impacted by gender identity, and the implications on eating disorder treatment and support. Presenting the studies findings through the method of storytelling, attendees will further their knowledge on the impacts of gender within eating disorder recovery, treatment and development, and in turn how those working in the field can better support these communities through trans(cending) current methods of practice.


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Alicia Pinelli, RSW, has been involved in the field of mental health as long as they can remember, first as a service user and currently as both a researcher and service provider. Their professional and academic work has targeted towards the intersection of gender identity and mental health, with a focus on transgender and non-binary individuals’ experiences within the eating disorder sector. Alicia holds a Masters of Social Work from McMaster University, an Honours Bachelor of Social Work from York University, and is a Graduate Certificate in Psychosocial Rehabilitation from Mohawk College and works from Queer and Feminist Theoretical Frameworks.