Ageing & Sageing: Exploring the Power of the Archetypes

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Saturday Oct 27th, 8:45am- 4pm

All proceeds from this day-long workshop will be donated to Body Brave.

What are the archetypes?

Archetypes are universal ways of being – universal forms of energy - recognizable across all time and all cultures. e.g. Warrior, Caregiver, Creator, Lover, Ruler to name only a few. We can recognize archetypes being expressed in our own lives. Archetypes can be used as a tool for personal development as well as for the development self-awareness and insight.

Author Carol Pearson says-

"We are aided in our journey by inner guides, or archetypes, each of which exemplifies a way of being…. We see them reflected in recurring images in art, literature, myth, and religion, and we know they are archetypal because they are found everywhere, in all times and places."

On October 27th we will explore 12 powerful and influential archetypes, their levels of expression, their gifts and the riches and challenges of their often unacknowledged shadows. Some of these archetypes are bound to be more familiar to you than others. As you move from aging to sage-ing, some may be in need of a rest; others may be waiting for expression or at least a different expression.

One thing is certain. Time for sharing and reflecting on the presence of archetypes in your life will reveal unexpected insights, choices and invitations, all of which you can take with you to bring increased fulfillment and happiness to the next chapter of your life.

Below please see an abbreviated agenda for the day:

8:45 Arrival, Continental Breakfast, Completion of personal Pearson-Marr Archetypal Indicator

9:30 – 12:00 Exploration of Twelve Archetypes, four for each of Ego, Soul and Self

12:00 Lunch; time to explore the grounds or rest; consideration of family script

1:15 – 3:20 Moving Deeper into the Wisdom of the Archetypes: their expression in your life up until now and possible expression in the future.

3:20 Closing Guided Meditation


Karen Trollope-Kumar MD, PhD, CCFP; Program Director Body Brave

Diane Zsepeczky MEd, Certified Administrator of PMAI

Limited to 25 Participants.

Cost: $120/per person

Includes Archetypal Indicator, continental breakfast & lunch


Location: St Joseph’s Convent, 574 Northcliffe Ave, Dundas




St Joseph’s Convent

574 Northcliffe Ave, Dundas