Taking Up Space

Finding space in the world and honoring that space is tough to say the least. We find patterns of behavior that make us feel comfortable and we tend to stick to that. The foods we eat, the way we dress, even the friends we choose to stay in touch with all tend to fall within a pretty narrow range of experience. Not a bad a thing.

But there is something to be said for taking up our space and really owning it. When I teach yoga, I always notice how so many people, especially women, tend to want to take up as little space on their mats as possible. If you're recovering from an eating disorder, stepping out of your comfort zone can be particularly hard. Life with an eating disorder is all about rules and regulations. Exposing yourself to the world outside ED is an important part of healing. 

So start slow...find just a few ways to take up some space. Here are some suggestions-

- Choose an outfit that you stand out in

- Express yourself through art or dance

- Take a rest day for yourself

- Try a completely new activity

- Try a new food

- Take the scenic route home

- Go without numbers or measuring yourself for a day or two



Keep Fighting Warriors!