Week 4- I FEEL

brave at every size group

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” 

― Rumi

Session Overview:

In this session, we delve more deeply into the linkages between emotion and eating patterns. We analyze the ways in which strong emotion can lead to disordered eating or binge behaviours, and then introduce the concept of distress tolerance as a way of interrupting this pattern.

Homework Review:

Discuss chain analysis handout

Learning Objectives:

1. To explore the connections between emotion and eating.

2. To discuss the concept of emotion regulation

3. To introduce practical strategies of distress tolerance

Group Activity:

Distraction strategies, Distress tolerance, STOPP skill

Introduction to urge surfing, and a mindfulness exercise about this

Educational Objectives of this Session:

  1. To examine the relationship between emotion and eating pattern.

  2. To analyze how the eating disorder is serving you

  3. To introduce the concept of monitoring



Distraction Strategies handout

Distress Tolerance handout