Exploring Weight Stigma and Fat Phobia


Saturday, November 17th, 1-3pm

Join fat activist Katie McCrindle for a 2 hour workshop to discuss weight stigma and fatphobia. What is it? How does it affect fat people and non-fat people alike? How does weight stigma and fatphobia play a role in eating disorders? What can we do about it?

- Isn’t “fat” a bad word?: Unpacking language choice
- Understand weight stigma/fatphobia and how it impacts fat and non-fat people
- Discuss and unpack commonly held myths about fatness
- Understand how weight stigma/fatphobia impacts eating disorders
- Develop and strengthen strategies to interrupt/disrupt weight stigma/fatphobia

Where: 1047 Main St. East, Hamilton, ON

Cost: Free-of charge. Donations welcome. 

Registration required. 




1047 Main Street East
Hamilton, ON, L8M 1N5

Parking is available on the street directly in front of the building.