"Body Brave gives a fresh perspective and combines experts from a variety of fields that give the proper tools to succeed. They provide an environment that makes you feel comfortable, with professionals that have the knowledge, compassion and empathy to make you feel like you are not alone. I am very thankful for this program and the people who run it."

- Larissa, Sept 2016 workshop attendee


"I attended the course on body shape , size and image conducted on November 19th at Hamilton by Sonia Seguin. I learnt a lot about eating disorders and how to manage and deal with those who are affected by them.

Sonia was very authentic and knowledgeable about the eating disorders. It was a small group session which made it very amenable to discuss issues.

I would recommend this course for everyone who's interested in this subject."

- Meena, November 2016 half-day workshop attendee


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