Thanks for reaching out regarding your patient or client. Body Brave is a registered charitable organization and our services are free of charge save for a $25 registration fee for groups. We offer both in-person and virtual programs for those who do not live in the Greater Toronto Area. We only offer services to individuals aged 18 and over. A diagnosis is not required however our services are suitable for those struggling with binge eating disorder, anorexia, bulimia, OSFED and body image issues. We are not a replacement for intensive inpatient/outpatient treatment and we will recommend clients access these services if we cannot offer the level of care needed. To explore our offerings, please click here.

Patient/client REferral PRocess

Clients can self-refer and book themselves in for an initial meeting with one of our clinicians by using the "Book Online" link on the website. However, if you’d like to share some information about the individual, we welcome that! Please click on the link below, print out the referral form and fax it to us at: (905) 481-2275.

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Trollope’s services are covered by OHIP. If you belong to a rostered practice, you will NOT be negated for her services. Dr. Trollope does not do any medical monitoring and patients will be required to follow-up with their health care providers. Body Brave core services are now covered by OHIP.  We try to ensure that everyone gets access to support. 


Please feel free to print the following material and post it in your office space for patients/clients.