Support Group for Those in "Larger" Bodies


Wednesdays, September 12, 26, Oct 10, 24, 7-9pm

Do you identify as plus size, “larger”, chubby, big, thick, or fat? This group is for you! The aim of this group is to get together with other larger folks who struggle with the impacts of fatphobia. Fatphobia is when people face bullying or discrimination on the basis that their body is considered larger than is “appropriate” or commonly accepted in society. We will meet in a non-judgmental, body positive space for social support with other like-minded people. This group is anti-diet and anti-diet culture, will not tolerate weight or size shaming, and believes that fat people are worthy of dignity, respect, and equal access to services and resources no matter how much they weigh or what they look like.

The facilitator is Katie McCrindle, a fat activist and social worker, who identifies as fat as a way of reclaiming the word and situating herself in a political identity.

A note about language: This group recognizes that fat is not a word that all those in larger bodies use to self-identify, and that folks may use other words (i.e.: thick, of size, voluptuous, etc.) to describe their own bodies. We absolutely support all those in larger bodies in self-identifying in whatever way feels most comfortable, but acknowledge the use of the word fat as a descriptor as part of the project of destigmatizing this word in order to disrupt the power it holds to marginalize and disrespect fat people. 

We acknowledge our understanding that fat experiences are all different and impacted by other elements of individuals' identities (i.e.: identities are intersectional).

Where: 1047 Main St. East, Hamilton, ON

Cost: Covered by OHIP (no charge)

Registration required. 




1047 Main Street East
Hamilton, ON, L8M 1N5

Parking is available on the street directly in front of the building.