Sonia Kumar-Seguin, B.A, M.A, RYT

executive director, advocate

Sonia holds a Master’s in Economics and Business from Wilfrid Laurier. Before co-founding charitable organization Body Brave in 2017, she worked as Economic Analyst for the Burlington Economic Development Corporation. Sonia co-founded Body Brave in order to provide accessible support options for those struggling with eating disorders and their families. With her economics and business background, Sonia has a particular interest in innovative, e-health approaches that will drive systemic change in the eating disorder landscape.

Sonia suffered from an eating disorder during her late teens and early 20s. Through a combination of skills, peer support and treatment, she was able to achieve recovery. On a national level, she advocates for the patient voice and eating disorders as a Canadian Medical Association Patient Voice Committee member. She brings her passion and experiences of recovery to all of her work.