Are you interested in joining the Body Brave team? We’re working on a number of innovative projects and could always use help! Please fill out the volunteer application form below and we'll be in touch. 

We are currently looking for volunteers to help with the following activities:

  1. Photography- We are looking for a photographer to help us add more wonderful photographs to our website!

  2. Office Support- We are in need of volunteers to help us with administrative tasks.

  3. Social Media/Online Community Subcommittee- We want to grow our online community. If social media is your thing, join this subcommittee!

  4. Fundraising- We have a vibrant fundraising team and always welcome new committed volunteers!

  5. Special Events- We have a number of exciting special projects coming up in the new year.

Body Brave Board: Please visit the Board of Directors volunteer page for more information.

Please note: We ask that volunteers are able to commit around 7-10 hours per month. Before reaching out, please ensure that you are able to make this kind of time commitment. Please read our volunteer policy here.


Volunteer Application Form

Please complete the volunteer application form below

Please note: The personal information collected on this form is to help us run the volunteer program. The information is held in strict confidence and is used to match your interests and needs to volunteer activities and to show our overall picture of volunteer data. Phone numbers or e-mail addresses may be given to staff or other approved volunteers to contact you for volunteer activities / shifts.

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